Sweet Azalea's Valentine
Party Ideas

I will share some great games, crafts, decorations and recipes just for Valentines Day.


Here are some great ideas for a Fantastic Valentine's Party


Cut and fold a piece of heavy white paper about 4 1/2 by 6 inches. Cut out a red paper heart, gently tear it down the center, and paste it on the white paper, leaving a space between the torn edges as. Outline the outside edge of the heart with glue, and sprinkle on glitter. Add a border of glitter at the top and bottom of the card. Inside write this invitation:

My heart will break
If you don't say,
You'll come to my party
On Valentine Day

Add the time,
and your name and address.


Cut dozens of red and pink paper hearts -- big and little ones. Write valentine sayings on the largest ones, such as Be Mine and To My Valentine. Tape them to the walls or woodwork -- with Mother's permission.

Make several paper heart streamers by sewing or taping the hearts to a long string. Place the streamers in a doorway, and they'll flutter prettily. Save the rest of the pink and red hearts for the games.


Fying Hearts

Paste a red and a pink heart together. Put this special heart, plus about three dozen plain paper hearts, in the center of an old sheet. The guests hold onto all sides of the sheet and gently toss the hearts up and down. At the shout of "Hearts High!" the guests hold onto all sides of the sheet and gently toss the hearts into the air, making the hearts fly. The player who picks up the most hearts, and the one who finds the special pink and red heart, each win a prize ~~ Perhaps a small box of valentine candy.

Hot Chocolate

You will need large chocolate bars, 2 butter knifes and 2 cutting boards. Divide everyone into teams. Place a bar of chocolate and a butter knife on the cutting board for each team. Line each team up in front of cutting board.

GO! The first person cuts a square of chocolate and passes it to the person behind . That person also passes it back and so on. The first person meanwhile runs back to the end of the line. When the chocolate reaches back to him he eats the chocolate. The first team to finish its bar wins. Try to make the teams even so that each child gets to eat at least one square of chocolate.

Cupid Says

Seat the guests in a circle. Choose one to be Cupid and seat him in the center. Let each guest pick a different color. Write the colors down and hand the list to Cupid. Cupid picks any two colors from the list, then calls out, "Green heart and silver heart, change places. Cupid tries to take a place in the circle. The person left standing takes Cupid's place in the center. The game continues until each player has had a chance to be Cupid.

Racing Hearts

Divide the group into teams and have them form two lines. Put two bowls at the opposite side of the room, one for each team. Give each player a drinking straw and a paper heart. Give pink hearts to one team, red hearts to the other. At a signal the first player on each team picks up his heart by inhaling through the straw. He holds his breath and walking as quickly as he can, deposits the heart into a bowl. Then the next player on his team starts out. If a player drops his heart, he must pick it up with the straw, not with his hands. The team finishing first is the winner.

Who Has the Valentine?

Before the party, make a fancy valentine. Decorate it with tiny gold hearts, a paper doily, perhaps a red ribbon. While music plays, the guests stand in a circle and pass the valentine from one to another. When the music stops suddenly, whoever is holding the valentine is out. Continue playing until one person is left. He keeps the valentine as his price and gets to sit at the head of the party table.

Table Decorations

Scatter pink and red paper hearts over white paper tablecloth. Add little sparkles and glitter sprinkled on top. Use pink paper plates and napkins. A white bowl of red flowers makes a nice centerpiece.

Arrange two tall pink candles by pushing the end of each candle through a paper doily and into a holder. For each candle, glue two large red hearts together, leaving a space at the top and bottom to slip over the candle.

Float candles in glass bowls of water. You can even add red food coloring to the water for a touch of color. Another touch is to buy a fine veil type material and bunch it up and place in center of a table or drapped over tables. Adding pieces of lace adds a touch too.


For each place card make two slits in a red paper heart and insert a white paper arrow with the guest's name printed on it. Paste the heart to the wrapper of a flat lollipop and stand it upright in a large gumdrop.


Arrange peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches on a plate. Use a cookie cutter to make the sandwiches heart shaped. One of our favorite cookies to make are CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS. Serve pink iced cupcakes, vanilla ice cream sprinkled with tiny candy hearts, and strawberry milk or pink lemonade.
Have Do-It_yourself Sundaes
You will need ice cream *cones *assorted toppings - cookies, nuts, syrup, whipped cream, fruit, chopped-up candy bars, etc. *bowls *spoons
Gather around and make some sundaes! Go with the theme or Love. You can also use cones as clown hats and cherries for eyes or a big smile. For extra fun set a time limit and award prizes for first one to finish, wackiest creation and so on. Then dig in and enjoy before everything melts!

Hi, My name is Sweet Azalea

If you have a question you can ASK and I will try to answer by what the Bible says to do. Send your questions by Email SWEET AZALEA@just4kidsmagazine.com

The first question is about Love. A great subject since this is the time that alot of kids thank about LOVE and dating.

Dear Azalea:
I am 13 years old and my best friend is a boy. My girl friends think I should date him, but I just want to be friends. My girl friends always talk about their boyfriends and dates. What should I do?
Your Friend Francis

Dear Francis:
You sound like a smart girl. You have your whole life ahead of you, so don't let your friends push you into doing something that you do not want to do (PEER PRESSURE). If you put the whole guy thing in God's hands and really give Him absolute control, it will take the pressure off you.. and really isn't that what total commitment to Jesus Christ is all about -- allowing Jesus to be Lord of every area of your life.

For a more links to web sites that discuss why we should wait to have sex go online to just4kidsmagazine.com/valentine.html.

Please DON'T buy into the LIE of "If you Love me you will do it".
It is so important to be "equally yoked".
If you are a Christian ~
WAIT for the Lord's BEST for YOU!
He cares about you and He will guide your steps
and your heart IF you let Him.

"Why Wait for Sex?"