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Church membership will give each of your teachers access to our website and resources. Your church will have permission to use our magazines and stories to print out for each student. You can also send out the magazine to each one of your students through email. If you use the stories for your church newsletters you must give acknowledgement that the stories and articles were from Just 4 Kids Magazine.com, and a copy of your newsletter should be sent to our office at:
Just 4 Kids Magazine
c/o Mauri Gandy, Editor
P.O. Box 16421
Austin, Texas 78761

If your church has more than 20 students and less than 49 your church membership will be $29.95

If your church has more than 50 students and less than 99 your church membership will be $49.95

For churches with over 100 students and less than 200 your church membership will be $99.95

For Churches with over 200 members you will need to order 2 church memberships.

When you sign up you will be provided a link to download our members Instruction Resource Guide.
This book will help you navigate through our website, and to help you find all of our resources.
You will receive 12 monthly electronic magazines and electronic books designed Just 4 Kids.