October Baby: The Story of Actress Shari Rigby from providentfilms on GodTube.

One of the best Christian movies that I have ever seen. The acting is suburb and the story line is amazing. This movie will help women all over the nation heal from abortions and it will heal those precious children that feel abandon because of being adopted. This is a touching story and highly recommended for families with teenagers. If you take younger children I recommend that you explain to them before you see the movie that millions of babies are killed every year by their mothers before they are born. Our society has told them it is OK because the fetus does not become a baby until it is born. But God tells us that He knows us before we are born. Remember if you do explain this to your children it could be another stranger that tells this lie to your child. When is the right time and age to talk about these sensitive issues is up to you the parent. God says "Raise up your children in the way that they should go"

Trailer with review by Mauri Gandy and reviews after premier at Austin Pregnancy Resource Center.

For more information go to:October Baby.net
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