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2014 Winner

God's Not Dead

2013 Winner

The Heart of Christmas

2012 Winner

October Baby

2011 Winner

Soul Surfer     - One of the Best movie's ever! CLICK HERE to read the full review and past reviews.

2010 Winner

 THE LAST SONG   After my young adult children and I read the book "The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks we watched the movie together at our local theater. I was really glad that my children advised me to finish the book before we viewed the movie. Miley Cyrus did a good job in her first movie in a young adult role. But I was able to feel the deep emotions during the movie because of reading the book. So our advise is to read the book first! We really did enjoy reading the book together as well as watching the movie.

Book Review by Jamie Gandy

2009 Winner

  Prince Caspian - The Chronicles of Narnia - Christian Film for Children
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"If there is only one movie you watch with your family this year - THIS IS IT!"
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2008 Winner

FIREPROOF ~ CLICK HERE for our review

"The Ultimate Gift"
was our pick for 2007 Outstanding Movie Award.

Received our 2006 Outstanding Movie Award.
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