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2015 New Release Movies & DVDs

"ADRENALINE" - available on DVD in September 2015
Interview with Michael Rosander coming soon. Click on picture for video

A drag racer’s life is turned upside-down after a near fatal car crash leaves him paraplegic. Joseph Jenkins (Michael Rosander), thinks his life is over, but while in the hospital, he meets Elijah Salisbury (Gregory Alan Williams), who gives him a new perspective on life and helps get him back to living. When Joseph returns home, an old friend of his father’s, Paul Sharpe (John Schneider), steps in and helps him back into a race car, using hand controls and learning to race all over again.



ON DVD September 1st 2015

Courtney Buck, the leading actress of the movie 'Uncommon' was interviewed by Jamie Gandy of Just 4 Kids Magazine.

From a very young age, Courtney Buck has captivated countless audiences with her acting, singing and dancing. Now she can be seen as Hailey Morgan in the film "Uncommon". This is Courtney's first break out movie role. She is excited to be part of a story that will "encourage youth never be afraid to stand up for what is right, and to shine their light as followers of Jesus Christ. God uses people in the most uncommon ways. Hold tight to your faith."

Courtney especially enjoyed working with the students at Librety Christian University where the movie was filmed. These students believe prayer is one of the most important aspects of their spiritual life, and they encourage each other through prayer. She said working with Erik Estrada was great. "He has a lot of positive energy and made me feel at home." On the fun side; she said he was a real goof ball and the king of bloopers. You can find several of this film bloopers in the behind the scenes DVD. Erik was a great inspiration for all of us on screen and off, and a friend for life. You can find the movie "Uncommon" on DVD at your local Christian bookstore as well as Target and WalMart.

What do we really know about religious liberties in public schools? Eric Estrada (Chips) and Ben Davies (Couragerous) star in Uncommon, a movie that works to show that the bible and praying in schools should not be a thing of the past. Ben Davies is Aaron Chase, a student fleeing the violence of one school, only to find religious intolerance at another. In an effort to have a positive impact at his school he tries to organize a bible study, but finds himself in direct conflict with his teacher, Mr. Stephens, who tears down his announcement from the school bulletin board.
Then, when the theater department disappears due to budgets cuts, Aaron and few other students decide to make their own play using the stories from the bible. This only fuels his Teacher’s animosity who enlists help from the Principal. The only help Aaron can get is from the custodian, Mr. Garcia, played by Eric Estrada. As they work together to make their play, lives change as each student becomes uniquely influenced discovering that God takes them personally. Equipped with unique talents, they bond together to prepare the perfect production by exploring the diversity of parables taught in the Bible.

“Uncommon” is now available nationally on DVD September 1st - Available at Walmart, and Family Christian Stores. For more information or to see the trailer, go to

Synopsis: When the students of Rosewood High lose their drama department due to budgets cuts, they decide to create their own! Equipped with unique talents, they bond together to prepare the perfect production with a modern take on the Bible’s parables. Fighting overwhelming challenges, the teens defend their privilege to worship, meet and perform. Armed with expert legal counsel and unexpected help from Christian music’s finest, these teens realize what it means to be…UNCOMMON!


Released in Theaters August 28, 2015
"I Just got back from watching the new Kendrick brothers film 'War Room.' It is an encouragingly powerful movie with so much flavor of truth, grace and a love that only God can shine. Acting was great, plot was amazing. It made me laugh so hard at points and made me feel the raw, and real emotions of the true life struggles most of us go through. War Room is an honestly beautiful movie that brings to the life the true power and grace of humbling ourselves in prayer. Go see it!" - Jamie Gandy

"A movie that will help many families when they need to know how to battle satan. I had my personal War Room experience over twenty years ago. Earnestly Praying to God for your marriage and husband really does work. I still have my Prayer Journals when battling in the heavenly realms helped me and God save our marriage." Mauri Gandy


When Kyle Wincott is killed in the line of duty, his Military working dog, Max, suffers from PTSD. Because of the trauma Max has experienced at the death of his handler he refuses to listen to anyone else, until he meets Justin, Kyle's younger brother. Justin adopts and saves Max life, in return Max completely changes the lives of the Wincott family.

Max will make all your emotions come to the surface. It will make you cry and laugh, it will make you feel triumph and fear and ultimately it will make you cheer for Max and Justin all throughout the movie. This inspirational story won’t only make you explore your feelings in a refreshing way, it will also teach you about important life lessons along the way. The power of truth, honesty and the importance of opening your heart to those around you –to both humans and animals alike. As you watch the growth of the main character in MAX you will also feel yourself growing alongside of him. The most beautiful thing about this movie is how remarkably well the actors did at making this film bring out the raw truth and ‘real life’ events displayed throughout. Carlos (real life Belgian Malinois in the film) did an absolutely amazing job at bringing to life the character of Max and making everyone fall in love with this true hero. I have seen some good dog films before but by far this canine outdid every other dog ‘actor’ I have seen.

‘To be a hero you don’t need to fight in a war, you just need to be brave enough to tell the truth.’

On the downside of any movie that showcases a certain breed of dog, it makes irresponsible people adopt the starring breed without doing the proper research. Such as in the 101 Dalmatians, that movie created the '101 Dalmatians Syndrome'. People learn about these amazing dogs and think they can buy this already well trained animal without learning just how strong willed these dogs are. Belgian Malinois' are one of the smartest breeds of dog out there, but they aren't only smart they are deathly loyal and fearless in the sight of danger. This breed is STRONG willed and absolutely MUST have a job to do or they will become bored and destructive. The Malinois is NOT for the novice dog owner (nor is the Dalmatian for that matter.) And though I star MAX a 10/10 I caution families that have the impulse to buy/adopt this breed to DO your research. Because it is inhuman to give a Working Dog a life of a Chihuahua.

Jamie Gandy-
Author, Producer, Photographer, Floor Manager, Videographer, Magazine Reviewer.


Catching Faith

"A true heart of honesty comes with sacrifice. A film to watch with your family."
~ Just 4 Kids

“Catch the film yourself. You won’t regret it!”
~ The Dove Foundation

Jamie Gandy of Just 4 Kids Magazine interviewed Alexandra Boylan of 'Catching Faith. She’s been an actress for more than 16 years, appearing in television and film. Recently she started her own production company Mustard Seed Productions- with a passion of to see movies made that really speak to Christian women and what they’re going through.

'Catching Faith' is a moving story about a woman who seems to have it all; a perfect marriage, a daughter at the top of her class, and an athletic son at the top of his game. But things are not always as they appear. On the very night her father dies, things begin to unravel when her son is caught drinking at a party violating the school’s behaviour policy for athletics. The police and the community turn the other way, willing to allow the young athlete to bring them victory regardless of the bad lesson it teaches him. His sister’s pressure to perform is no less severe. At the top of her class, she is expected to be valedictorian, but High School Latin has proven to be much harder than she expected. She finds the perfect opportunity to cheat, and wavers on the decision to be honest, or to be victorious.

Inspired by the real life experiences of his co-writer, Christian Counsellor, Andrea M. Polnaszek, John K.D. Graham directs a powerful film about one family’s journey toward a true relationship with God and each other, despite the pressures of the community to keep on with the façade. It will be available on DVD, Digital HD, and On Demand this August. For more information or to see the trailer, go to

Synopsis: John and Alexa Taylor appear to have the perfect life – they’re the envy of all the parents in town. Their son Beau is the high school football star and their daughter Ravyn is a straight-A student. But when Beau is caught drinking alcohol, his place on the team and his bright future are on the line. With the football season at stake and the judgmental community turning their backs on them, every member of the Taylor family is at a crossroads. Now, they must find the strength from one another, and the spiritual courage from within, to prove that faith and family is the only score that really matters.

2014 New Release Movies & DVDs

1000 to 1 Movie. was just released in December 2014 on Netflix. This is an inspirational movie about Cory Weissman who had a stroke during his freshman year at college. It is a great story that will inspire adults and youth by this young man's determination to overcome the odds. Cory has inspired me.

Interview with Actor Jason Burkey
With Jamie Gandy
Dec 5th 2014 ~ "Long Way Off"

"HERO" released on DVD on September 16th. I had the privilege of interviewing actor Burgess Jenkins on Monday morning. Burgess stars as the father and coach who motivates his baseball team of little league players to start winning games by doing their best. Burgess told me that he was excited to be part of this movie after he read the script and saw the statistics of young boys that have absence fathers which are more likely to have a life of poverty, violence, sex at a younger age and are more likely to end up in jail. Burgess Jenkin's own seven year old daughter had a tremendous impact on his acting role in this film. We are all praying that this wonderful movie will help inspire fathers to have a stronger role in their child's life. For more information go to: Hero Family

A special drawing for a DVD of HERO will be held on September 27th at the Women's Conference in Austin Texas. You do not have to be present to win, but all entries must have addresses in the USA.
Please send you name and address by September 26th to
The DVD will be sent out to the winner by
Edify on Oct. 7th.

Moms do you need a great movie to help you laugh as you recall your own hectic life of motherhood? MOMS' NIGHT OUT is an endearing true-to-life family comedy that celebrates the beautiful mess called parenting. Starring Sarah Drew, Sean Astin, Patricia Heaton, and Trace Adkins, it is now out on DVD at local rental boxes.

Iesodo Video Series for Children
I watched the "Faith" and the "Love" DVD's with 4 elementary school age children from 5 to 8 years old. The videos not only captivated their attention with the animated graphics and songs it told the Bible stories that made them amazed that these miracles actually happened. After watching the videos I found myself easily engaged in conversation with the children about the real stories of Jesus in the Bible. My 5 year old grandson Brett was upset that we were going to watch a video since he had been watching cartoons. However he was quickly captured by the graphics and stories. During the story of Iesodo and his bird friends praying and thanking God for the abundance of food with only 5 fish and 2 loaves Brett exclaimed "That is so cool!". That opened up the conversation of telling the children that this story really did happen to Jesus. The birds that followed and helped Iesodo also lead me to share about Jesus having 12 followers or Disciples. I am looking forward to obtaining the full series for my grandchildren to watch.

"When Calls The Heart" Lost & Found
This is the second movie based on Janette Oke’s best selling series of books. ‘Lost & Found’ picks up where the last movie left off with Elizabeth Thatcher arriving in Coal Valley as the towns new teacher. I love seeing the growth in her character as the series progresses. The one thing I didn’t enjoy so much about ‘Lost & Found’ is how Edward Montclair was taken out of it, replaced by Constable Jack Thornton. I was eager to see the development of Edward’s and Elizabeth’s relationship, but the beginning of ‘Lost & Found’ implies that Elizabeth arrives in Coal Valley by herself. To be honest I wasn’t anticipating the cast change and the lack of flow from the last movie, there were some changes that took away from the plotline.
Overall, When calls the Heart ‘Lost & Found’ speaks wonders of the strength and courage of a community that stands together in unity. And the powerful truth that the heart of a woman is a unrelenting source when God is the motor behind their strength.
'Jamie Gandy'

2013 New Release Movies

Let God Winner Best Feature Breckenridge Film Festival 2013
This movie takes place along the Oregon Trail during 1848 California gold rush. Amelia's husband wants to travel to find fortune, Amelia does not want to leave her family, but she reluctantly follows her husband. Survival becomes a race against time and Amelia must find something greater than herself to survive the cold winter. This movie is a good reminder of how hard times were. However the movie is slow and difficult to keep the attention of younger children.

"When Calls The Heart"
''Michael Landon Jr has done it yet again by bringing another inspiring Christian novel to the big screen in the story of 'When calls the Heart' by best-selling author Janette Oke. We travel with Elizabeth Thatcher on her quest to become a school teacher in the wild west. She shows us that with enough courage and determination we can achieve our goals in life even against all the odds that stand in our way. And perhaps find love along the journey. 'When calls the Heart' teaches us that even through we may fear something, it doesn't have to keep us from reaching our dreams and aspirations, because with God as our guide all things are possible.'
-Jamie Gandy, movie review for Just 4 Kids Magazine.

"Unconditional" The Movie is a wonderful movie that is based on a true story of Joe Bradford and his childhood friend Sam Crawford. Jonathan, Jamie and myself were touched and inspired by this inspirational movie about God's unending love for each of us. Sam recently lost her husband after being killed during a street robbery. She was ready to take her own life when a little girl was hit by a car in front of her eyes. She helped the girl get to the hospital and discovered her childhood friend Joe while at the hospital. Sam soon got caught up in the amazing work that Joe did in the community projects for the kids. The movie catches your heart from scene to scene as Joe shares his life and childhood stories with the kids that he has coming to his classes. Sam finds God's purpose in her own life as she makes a difference in the lives of the children who are being raised without a father or mother. This is one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time and a must to see for anyone who has a heart to reach out to a hurting world.

"42" The True Baseball Movie"

   In 1947, Branch Rickey put himself at the forefront of history when he signed Jackie Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking Major League Baseball's infamous color line. The deal also put both Robinson and Rickey in the firing line of the public, the press and other players.
This movie shows Jackie Robinson and his team tremendous courage and restraint by not reacting to blatant racism. Number 42 let his talent on the field do the talking—ultimately winning over fans and his teammates, silencing his critics, and paving the way for others to follow.
Some scenes might be disturbing for young children, however this movie can lead for great family discussions about history and bullying.

Meant To Be

   20 year old Nathan Burr decides to find his real birth mom and sets out on an adventure that changed his world. The movie also follows his mother who always thought about her son. Della Resse (Tess from Touched by an Angel) plays a hotel maid who helps Nathan in his search. We loved this movie and the unexpected twist and turns that unfolds as he sets out to find the truth.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

2012 New Release Movies

Little Red Wagon

  Eight Year old Zack Bonner decides to help the homeless victims of Hurricane Charlie. First he makes flyers and places them door to door in his neighborhood. The next day he goes out with his sister Kelley and his little red wagon to collect water and items left outside for Zack to pick up for the hurricane victims. To his amazement there is so much response that he ends up collecting 4 huge truck loads. Zacks compassion for reaching out to the homeless continues as this amazing true story tells how Zack reaches the heart of America in an exciting journey of love and hope. The story is a must watch for all families who want to teach their children that they can make a difference in a hurting world. For more information on Zack and the movie click on the cover picture on the left or go to Little Red Wagon the This is Mauri's pick for Best movie for children in 2012.


The Confession

This movie shows us that with the grace of God we can be given the power of a second chance. That we can be given the opportunity of forgiveness and healing. We also see just how much deceiving those we love can shake the very foundation of our lives. This movie gives us the hope that if we search with all our hearts after something we hold precious, such as family, we may be surprised at how amazing the hand of God is in our lives. And just how beautiful the love between a mother and daughter's unbreakable bond is. Michael Landon JR did an amazing job at bringing Beverly Lewis' masterpiece novel 'The Confession' to life in this movie.'
Review by Jamie Gandy.

The Heart of Christmas

A touching and inspirational family film that is based on a true story. This wonderful movie will touch your heart as you hear the journal of Julie Locke about her son's battle with cancer, and how the community came together to celebrate an early Christmas just for Dax. In 2010 singer/songwriter Matthew West asked his fams to send him their inspiring true stories so that he could turn those stories into songs. Among the thousands of submissions he received three separate letters about the Locke family. He wrote "One Last Christmas" which inspired the filmmakers to share the movie. For more information go to and!/heart-of-christmas We give this movie 5 stars.


Chasing Mavericks ~ Click Here for Jamie's Review

The Gandy Review of "Journey to Jamaa" - A wonderful World Vision film by director Michael Landon Jr.
This touching drama is an award-winning short film inspired by the real life story of Margaret and Derick, two orphaned children from Uganda who travel over 100 miles on foot across the dusty roads from Kampala to Kasangombe to find their aunt after their mother's death. The video is now available on DVD. After watching the movie be sure and watch "behind the scenes on location" with Michael Landon Jr. The film was shot in the city where the story took place, and you will even get to meet the real Derick. CLICK HERE to learn more about how your church or organization can get involved.


CLICK HERE for more Pro-Life movies.

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J. Craig & Mauri discuss the new release movie "Big Miracle" - JCI Live Austin - Jan 26, 2012

    ~ Watch Rainbow Castle TV program #45 for more on this movie

Mauri Gandy of Just 4 Kids Magazine interviews Roma Downey of "Little Angels" DVD series. Just in time for Christmas Roma Downey, actress from the popular "Touched By An Angel" television series has come out with a wonderful DVD series just for preschool children.

Join Alex and Zoe, 4 year old twins in their amazing adventures as they travel back to visit Bible characters, learn moral values, the ABC's and 123's. Roma and I both wish we had these DVDs when our children were younger. I will be adding these DVDs to my grandchildren's collection.

2011 Movies

We Bought A Zoo in time for Christmas, and based on a true family story. The trailer is below and we will be posting our review when the DVD comes out. We were invited to the Movie Premier in Houston and Dallas, but there was none in Austin.

Review by Richard Roeper


I just watched "COURAGEOUS" with my family on DVD that was released yesterday. AWESOME Movie! ARISE MEN OF GOD AND BE COURAGEOUS FATHERS!!!! Sherwood Pictures does it again!! Their first movie was "Fly Wheel" then came "Facing Giants" then the wonderful movie for marriages "FIRE PROOF" and now this inspiring movie on being a Godly father. A Must Watch movie for every family.

Dophin Tale ~ Watch Rainbow Castle TV program #45 for more on this movie
This heartwarming tale is an absolute must watch for family night. It is based on a true Dolphin Tale about "Winter" who still encourages children and families from her home at Clearwater Florida Marine Aquarium. I think it is best quoted by Morgan Freeman in the introduction of the movie trailer: "In this changing world it is harder than ever to find something extraordinary. But ever once in awhile a symbol of hope breaks through and this time her name is Winter.". The boy who cuts her free from the crab trap reaches out to Winter in love and care that captures this dolphin's heart and sends the boy a special sound from her thankful heart. The boy's world is changed forever as he discovers that Winter needs him as much as he needs her. I love this story, I love this movie! I love the stories that you can read on Clearwater Marine Aquarium's website of testimonies from children with disabilities that have been deeply touched because of Winter's prosthetic tale. It is an amazing Dophin's Tale that you will remember for a very long time.

"The Encounter" (2011) - It is a rainy night on an old barren road that leads to three individuals and a couple on the verge of divorce to take shelter in a diner. The only server there is a man named Jesus that seems to know everything about each person. His Words touch their hearts and help answer their questions about why things have happened and His great purpose for their lives. This movie is not only inspirational but will have you laughing throughout the movie.

The Grace Card     - Another great Christian movie about forgiveness. The movie starts out slow and at first I was not impressed with the acting mainly at the police station. But the story of two police officers teamed together and the tangled mess of Mac McDonald's life of bitterness, anger and grief start to unfold. I really got into the movie when I heard Sgt. Pastor Sam Wright heartfelt speech convincing a young man not to shoot his police partner (Mac). The last half of the movie and the ending does a wonderful job capturing and revealing God's Grace when we learn to let forgiveness in our life. This movie is a must watch for families with teenagers.

Soul Surfer     - One of the Best movie's ever and our 2011 Just 4 Kids Movie Award Winner! I can not say enough about the story of Bethany Hamilton after she lost her arm from a shark attack. Her attitude on living life fully for Jesus Christ is one that every child and adult should watch. The movie is wonderfully made and had me crying with tears of rejoicing the beauty of her triumphant story. God is so good. He turns what the devil intends for bad to become an awesome story about His love. This true story is our pick of the decade. Acting was great especially by Helen Hunt who plays Bethany's mom and Dennis Quaid who plays her dad, and Carrie Underwood does an amazing job as Bethany's youth leader and Christian friend.

Real - (2011) This is a good family movie for older children. 5 real life short stories on God's saving grace and inspiring moments that turned lives around to walk in God's purpose for their life. As Jesus encounters the devil in the Garden he looks in to the future of lives of some of the people that He died for to give us hope and grace to walk in His fullness.

Just 4 Kids Magazine was recently sent two documentaries to review this year.

Winner of four BEST DOCUMENTARY awards, The Elephant in the Living Room is the emotional story with exclusive interviews of the highly controversial topic of dangerous animals being kept as common household pets. The documentary shows the emotions of Tim Harrison, an Ohio police officer whose friend was killed by his exotic pet, and Terry Brumfield, a big-hearted man who struggles to keep two pet African lions that he loves like his own family.

We give this film a big two thumbs up, but there are some scenes that may be to disturbing for children under 13.
For more information or to see the trailer go to The Elephant in the Living

The Grandfathers is a true story about the power of forgiveness and redemption transcending cultures and generations. This film is a complete story in itself and yet a welcome companion to Beyond the Gates of Splendor and End of the Spear. Many years ago Just 4 Kids Magazine did a review on "End of the Spear". This was an unforgettable true story that has a lasting impact on how far some missionaries go to show God's Love. The Grandfathers is a continuation of this story and how the story continues today with the grandchildren of these missionaries. There was a time during the story that the Holy Spirit hit me with His presence and I was touched to deep tears!

For more information on this movie go to The

Johnny - (2010) A remarkable story about a ten year old orphan boy who has leukemia. Johnny believes that he has a mission from God and will have a family before he dies. Not only is this a great family movie it teaches children lessons from the Bible through Johnny's walk on earth. He lives his life as an example to other children and adults that changes their faith in God. Some issues that are shown in the movie deals with death, bullying, forgiveness and hope. Johnny leading a young girl to Jesus is an example that will help us all in how to lead others to Jesus. CLICK HERE to watch trailer.


"Faith Like Potatoes" is a true story about Angus Buchan who moved his family to Zambia South Africa to farm. Hardships turned him bitter and mean until he surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ. Angus' faith in God became so remarkable that midway through the movie I had to search online to see if this was a true story. In the beginning of his walk with Jesus Christ God answers Angus' prayers while a fire ragged on his farm land not only as a faith builder to Angus but to the people in his community. Angus desires to tell his story and faith with others but the local church leaders do not think the people would come to hear him, after all they did not come when the churches brought in big time preachers. But God decides to use Angus to reach out to the community in big time miracles that has everyone talking. The meaning of the title "Faith Like Potatoes" will leave an everlasting impression onyour heart. The movie was made in 2006. I heard it was good several years ago, but I had no idea how good until I watched it for myself!

2010 Movies and older Reviews

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