From Pocahontas: Princess of Faith & Courage

Written by: Maja Ledgerwood illustrated by Tyson Ledgerwood.

The symbols are taken from the Native American culture and the Early Christian culture.

The eagle feather represents the chief.

The bird is a symbol for being free spirited.

Butterflies are symbols for re-birth foreshadowing her later life.

Sun rays represent constancy.

Corn is a symbol of trade.

The morning star is a symbol for guidance.

Fire is a symbol of a gathering.

The fence is a symbol for guarding.

The arrow head and musket blls is a combination of Native American and English symbols of war.

The star is a military symbol.

The rope represents captivity.

The sun is a symbol for he Earth Guarding in Day, Healing Energy.

Palm Leaves are symbols for victory in heaven like when a believer receives salvation.

Grapes are symbols for the vital union of believers with Christ as the vine.

The dove is a symbol of peace.

The sun cross is a symbol of sun and the cross combined.

The ship is a symbol for the church tossed on the sea of disbelief that finally reaches safe harbor.

The peacock feather is a symbol for eternal life.

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