Jonathan's 2007 Book Reviews

Hi, my name is Jonathan Gandy and my favorite summer activity is READING!

My favorite books are Christian fiction. I especially enjoy suspense thrillers. My favorites authors are Jerry Jenkins, Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

I hope you will join me in filling your summer days with reading some great Christian books. I strongly recommend reading books that will inspire you to be a better follower of Jesus Christ. When you fill your head with Godly thoughts you will find it easier to be a more Godly person.

The Soon series is the most "Real" Christian fiction I have read, yet. I could definitely see alot happening in the world that are in these books (Banning religion, mocking God, Christians having to worship God underground or be persecuted). I give Soon, Silenced and Shadowed 5 stars. I would recommend them to everyone above the age of 15.


Jerry Jenkins
Paul Stepola is an agent for the National Peace Organization (NPO). Paul loves his job. It isn't enough for Paul that law has forced Christians underground. He is determined to expose Christians, flush them out and kill them. His quest points him to startling revelations. Supernatural events are happening that he can't possibly explain. The Christian underground believes they're from God, while Paul calls them conspiracies. When one assignment hits way too close to home Paul can no longer deny the truth.


Jerry Jenkins
National Peace Organization (NPO) agent Paul Stepola is a doube agent, a new believer whose job is to expose Christians. Three major cities have been attacked by terrorists and thousands have died, all in the name of God. Paul has to somehow expose the source of the terrorism without exposing fellow Christians. In the face of persecution the seeds of faith grow stronger. The underground believers pray for a mighty miracle, one not seen since the Old Testament. In a world where madmen rule, THE VOICE OF GOD WILL NOT BE SILENCED.


Jerry Jenkins
Paul Stepola has been exposed as a double agent - serving the Christian underground in a non-believing world while sworn to persecute them. Now he and his family are hiding, targets of the very agency he has worked for years. The law banning the practice of religion around the world is on the brink of collapse. The tide is turning, but Personal, family hostilities threaten to end in disaster before the world comes to it's senses.


Ted Dekker has been writing Christian fiction novels for ten years, but I had not read any of his books until West Bow Press sent us "House" to review. Ted Dekker co-wrote "House" with Frank Peretti. Read my review in Just 4 Kids Magazine June 2006 Issue by clicking HERE. Frank Peretti has been my favorite writer for several years. I have continued to read books written by Ted Dekker, his writing style is addicting. "Saint", "Showdown", "Skin", and "Thr3e" are extrememly suspenseful with Goldy values and truths. Because of the intense drama in the books I would recommend these books only for older teens who enjoy suspense thrillers. I recommend to start reading Ted Dekker's books with the trilogy - "Black", "Red" and "White". "Thr3e" has been made into a movie, and is well done. As usual I prefer the book to the movie.

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