“Through My Eyes” by Tim Tebow   

      Book review by Jamie M. Gandy “Through My Eyes” takes us on the journey of the life of Tim Tebow, a man whose passion for football comes in third place compared to his love for God and his family. Tim’s story inspires readers with his testimony that if a person pushes toward their dreams hard enough, with God as their guide, anything is possible.

What is most admirable about Tim Tebow is the way his heart and determination shine through in the pages of this book, which give the reader a clear look at the man he is; not just on the field but off it as well. “Through My Eyes” doesn’t leave out any depth or emotion that Tebow has felt at every point in his life. Whatever it is, whether it is how he felt about his dog Otis, or the passion he feels about the game of football. He doesn’t hide it from the readers how overwhelmed he’d often become during games, or during mission trips to the Philippines when he’d see children give their lives to Jesus. In each step of his life Tim welcomes us in, not just as the readers, but as his fans, as his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, to understand him as the man of God and the passionate football player he is. Through sharing this story Tebow inspires us to push ourselves to become better. Whether it’s in our daily walk with the Lord, or our faith in sharing God’s love with a dying world, Tim challenges us to all be better utilizing the gifts God has given us, whatever our talent happens to be. Tim Tebow encourages us to give it our all, not just for God or ourselves, but also for those around us.

This book and Tim Tebow’s story has reminded and reinforced in me, to aspire to establish and reach my goals, to push for greatness, and to always reach out to those around me with Jesus always on my tongue.

“Through My Eyes” is now printed in two different versions, one that is especially written for younger readers. “Though My Eyes, A Quarterbacks Journey’ is easier for younger children to read and also has a Question and Answer section from Tim Tebow himself at the back of the book. And the other version is better suited for older readers. Both books also share a collage of pictures of Tim’s life, which are very personable and enjoyable for his fans.

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