Pictures from Bible Stories

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Old Testament

Noah Preaching Before The Flood
Joseph Fleeing From Potiphar's Wife
Moses In The Bulrushes
Moses Conferring The Priesthood Upon Aaron
Abraham Preparing To Sacrifice Isaac
Daniel Refusing The King's Meat
Daniel Interpreting The King's Dream
Daniel In The Lions' Den
Three Faithful Hebrews Saved From The Furnace
Isaiah Prophesies Of Jesus' Life

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New Testament

Jesus Knocking At A Door
Second Coming
John The Baptist Preaching In The Wilderness
Baby Jesus
Shepherds Hearing Of Jesus' Birth
Jesus As A Young Man
Jesus Being Baptised
Calling Fishermen To The Ministry
Jesus Ordaining The Twelve Apostles
The Sermon On The Mount
Jesus Raising Jairus' Daughter From The Dead
Jesus With Children
Mary & Martha
The Prodigal Son
The Good Samaritan
The Woman At The Well
Raising Of Lazarus
Jesus Riding into Jerusalem
Cleansing The Temple
The Last Supper
Jesus Washing The Apostles' Feet
Praying In The Garden Of Gethsemane
Peter's Denial
The Crucifixion
Jesus' Burial
Resurected Lord With Mary
The Ascension

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