to Princess Jamie's Kitchen
in the Palace

Sit on a stoll and have a Palace Soda. Jamie loves to go to the kitchen and cook up something very special for the holidays and especially for her Dad (The King). She will share some of her favorite recipes.

Many of these links no longer work because Geocities deleted the website Jamie started her recipes. We will try to update these recipes.

Breakfast Ideas

Cinnamon Rolls

ButterFinger Balls

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our Christmas Dinner

New Years Foods

Valentine Favorites

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

Easter Lunch

Easter Cookies

Cinco de Mayo Taco's in pdf file

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Cooking and Jamie's Delight - pdf file

Strawberry Crepes and Pizza Cookie in pdf file

Chicken Corndon Bleu in pdf file

Banana Split Pie in pdf file

Father's Day Recipes

4th of July Dinner & Apple Pie Recipe

Recipes for Summer Fun

Rosh Hashanah Feast

Baked Apples

My Favorite Deserts

Jamie's Joy Mounds

Grandma's Meatloaf

Sierra Rayne Punch

Fruit of the Spirit Salad

Death by Chocolate Cake

Kids Kitchen Safety Tips

Recipe For Happiness

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