I am free no longer
to be living under the shame
no longer trapped in guilt

I am under the rightful Authority
of the King, my Lord and Savior
I am made new in Christ
I am under the crown of favor

I've by the power of Jesus
Thrown away the strongholds
Defeated the guilt and shame
By the blood and the love of CHRIST

I am not going back
GOD has picked it up
Carried it away
Covered it up
and not counted it against me

I am free
Under the rightful Authority
Of the King, my Lord and my Savior
I am under the Crown of FAVOR!!!


Have a blessed Thanksgiving and remember to be THANKFUL
( I sure am thankful like you just donít know until you read on)

The other day I had attended a men's fellowship in Round Rock, Texas . Okay I have to admit the breakfast burritos lure me there early in the morning. When I arrived a man with a name tag of "Sexy Earl" met me and asked how the Lakers would do with Kobe on the trading block?

I had never seen this Sexy Earl guy before and thought maybe it was his first time to a Christian men's group breakfast. Oh well there were enough burritos to go around.

After praying and praising GOD the guest speaker for the morning breakfast time was introduced and yes it was Sexy Earl.

To be brief here he explained the Sexy part in a GODLY way that made sense. But the context of his message had to deal with letting go of guilt that we tend to carry as a heavy load like a stinking bag of trash.

He showed us that our sins of guilt from the enticement of sins were inside a trash bag. Then he explained how when we put the trash out it should be forgotten. But we tend to remember even when we know GOD moves our sins as far as the east is to the west.

Sexy Earl then told us how if we throw out the trash, let go and allow GOD to do his thing such as picking up our bag of sin and guilt our Creator will carry it away and then cover it up. He used a blanket to cover the trash bag. He then took out an large calculator and began estimating the cost for each sin like looking lustfully at our neighbors wife 1000 points, coveting the next new motorcycle 900 points, will you get the point. Then he threw the calculator on the floor and stomped on it. Because GOD keeps no records of what HE has forgiven us for. That was paid by his only begotten son Jesus Christ, with HIS blood at he cross.


Sexy Earl then asked us to write down on a piece of paper what we were feeling guilty about. Then he said to crumble the paper up and come up front. At this spot we would throw the list under the blanket that covered up the trash bag. Then we would step forward to stomp on the calculator as GOD does not count up our sins.

I have shared all this because I wanted you to understand the story of the poem written above.

You see when I made out my list there were things on there I expected but suddenly I found myself writing down my guilt for the death of my son Josiah (age ten death from a brain tumor) (It is hard typing now as I am crying hard you know)

It has been nearly five years since that long Saturday morning when Josiah graduated to heavens eternal education. But here I was listing his death as a guilt trip, because as a daddy I was unable to do anything to save his life. I miss him so much more than any of you will ever know. I did not know I had been feeling guilty like this...however the Spirit knew and I had been in a state of depression over it and in many areas of my life I had given up living fully for CHRIST and the ministry dreams.

But now I have been set free and I am moving to the best life now in triple (anointing) speed Internet as fisher of men for the glory of GOD.

So please enjoy the poem (I have to wipe away these tears and my nose is running) But one day I will be in the place where there is no more crying and all tears are wiped away. Please be there and leave your trash behind there is no room at the eternal inn.

Happy Blessed Thanksgiving my dear friends in Jesus name!

written by Gabriel "Bull" Leonard

(photo taken on Dallas Creek Road near Telluride, CO.)




Photo of Jesus on the cross is by Penny Parker