"3 Roses"

57 Cents

"Allah or Jesus" by Rick Mathes (members only)

"The Birdies"

"The Cacoon"

Carl's Garden

"Colors of Friendship"

"The Dart Test"

What the Bible Says About Death

"The Doll and the White Rose


"Erik" ~ A lesson from a baby


"Favorite Teacher"

"Fireman Billy" ~ A true story


"Friends are God's Way of Taking Care of Us.

Friends Encourage Each Other

A Prayer for Friends

The Frog Hat - a 9 year old witnesses to a doctor

"God's Alphabet"

"God's Embroidery"

"Grace" ~ A lesson from a kitten

"Homeless Jack"

"How to Be Successful"

"The Hut"

"I asked"

"Jeff's Story"

"Jeremy's Egg"

Jimmy's Letter

Kyle's Story

"The Little Grapevine"

"More Than Enough"

"A Mother's Love"

Mother's Path

"My Backyard" ~ Poem

"Old Jim and Jesus"

"Pancakes made by Brandon"

Pass It On

"Pennies from Heaven"

"The Grand Pianist"

The Pink Dress

"Does God Dance on your Potatoe Chips?"

"The Puppy"

"The Quiet Sermon"


The Refiner of Silver

"The Ride"

"Rose" ~ A special woman

"Shay's Homerun"

"The Son"

"Trust" ~ A lesson from a boy

Two Days We Should Never Worry On.

Under the Crown of Favor

"The Unfolding Rose"

"The Walk"

Watch this short video "What Are You Going to Do With Jesus?"

"Wisdom" ~ A lesson from a Squirrel

"Wheels" ~ A Christmas story

"The Seven Wonders" ~ From a child's view

You Took My Place

Update on Judge Roy Moore

And Finally a Test


(Click on Title to Download)
How Could God Let Bad Things Happen?


Psalm 63

Psalm 91


This section are stories from our "Teacher's Lounge" designed to help you when you
do not feel like you are worthy to be in God's Ministry, or when you are tired and weary.
You might want to grab a kleenex.

A Glass of Milk

3 Red Marbles

The Lost Wallet

The Atheist Professor

Ministry Candidates

No Ears (Same as Mother's Love with a different background)

Just 4 FUN

The 23rd Channel ~ Are we spending too much time watching TV?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ More from Beacon of Light Ministries ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In 1998 I sent out "Lighthouse Letters" of inspirational stories that I had received from emails
and some are written by my husband and myself. I think you will enjoy them. (Be sure and
push your BACK button to come back to Just 4 Kids Magazine.

Jan ~ "The Missing Day"

Feb ~ "What is a Christian?"

March ~ "An Interview with God"

April ~ The Suffering Servant"

May ~ "Life is Fragile

June ~ "Miracle of a Song"

July ~ Ask Seek & Knock

August ~ "Visit from Jesus"

Sept ~ "Saved by an Angel"

Oct ~ "Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Nov ~ Stories of Giving

Dec ~ More stories of Giving

Teens 4 Jesus

A Poem about NOT praying in school.

The Room

There IS a God



God is Omnipresent

Send a copy of this to your friends, it might make a big difference in their lives!


To check out if these stories are verified as "Truth or Fiction" Click Here.

If you have received an inspirational story and do not see it here please send it to us
so we can share it with other Christians.

The Midi is called "Ice Castles"