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The above java is called an Anstretch applet. Kids can have fun moving your mouse to make the picture stretch.


Teacher asks ~ child(ren) answer

Who made the sun? ~ God did!

Who made the moon and stars? ~ God did!

Who made the trees? ~ God did!

Who made the flowers? ~ God did!

Who made the animals? ~ God did!

Who made your Mommy? ~ God did!

Who made you? ~ God did!

(all together) GOD MADE EVERYTHING!!

For a fun game for young children show a picture with several animals on it and ask questions like...
"How does a dog sound.?" The child says "Bow wow" then ask "Who made the dogs. The child answers "God did". Then point to another animal and ask the same questions. I started this with my granddaughter when reading the book "My Mommy and Me Story Bible." She still enjoys doing this. A link is provided below for buying this book.



Awesome site on Creation Story "kids 4 truth"

A page to color and "Wonderfully Make" song from Donut Man


My Mommy and me is one of Jasmine's favorite Bible Story books. We have been reading it since she was 2. We call it "Grandma and Me" since we read it together all the time! If you would like to order one click on the picture above. There are a few available copies.