Creation ___ Page 2

God made two great lights

the sun to rule the day,

and the moon to rule the night.

God made the stars across the universe.

and God saw that it was good.

And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

orionneb.jpg (4915 bytes)

The Orion Nebula

tropical.jpg (3925 bytes)

The sun shines across the Earth.

lagoon1.jpg (4933 bytes)

The Lagoon Nebula


On the fifth day God filled the waters with
fish of all sizes.

and he made birds to glide across the sky.

And God smiled because he saw how beautiful they were.


On the sixth day God made
animals of every kind.

And God made man.

When God saw what He had made he was well pleased.

And He said "It is good!"


on the seventh day

God rested.

(place hands under head like sleeping)

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Bouncing Sun by Cottage Row
Animal Poster found at Konny's gifs

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