I love to read stories to my grandchildren about generations of love being passed down from me loving my children, and my children loving their children.
These are a few of my favorites:

"Watercolour Ponies" by Wayne Watson (1992)

"Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch
Click HERE for information on the book.
Click HERE to download and listen to Bob Munsch read his own book - Not at all how I read this book.
(Jennifer, my 20 year old daughter said this was her favorite children's book).
Click HERE for reading of story at Utube.

Stories about Child's Birth:

"When You Were Born" Click Here for doc file
(This was a present from us to grand daughter Avery on her 2nd birthday.)

"Good Night My Angel" by Billy Joel
(This was a gift from us to our grand daughter Angel on her 1st birthday.)

Click on Audio to listen to Mauri read this book

Video of Billy Joel singing this song found at Utube.

Click Here to learn the meaning of some popular Nursery Rhymes

Stories about being afraid:
"There's A Duck in My Closet" by John Trent
(Jonathan had this memorized at the early age of 2.)

Stories about several children in family:
"Your All My Favorites" Click Here for Audio reading