Memory verse: Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

In the Beginning


In the beginning there was nothing
except God.

(Close your eyes)
Everything was dark.
(open your eyes)
God said, Let there be light,
(snap your fingers)
and instantly there was light.

God called the light day
and the darkness he called night.
(I get the child to repeat the words day and night, then the next time you read the story they can finish the sentence for you. You can also choose to hold up 1 finger for the first day, 2 fingers for second day etc.)

This was the end of day one.

Day 2

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On the second day God seperated the waters from the great space
and made the beautiful blue sky.


On the third day God made land appear from the waters.

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God made oceans, seas, rivers and lakes
God made tall mountains, hot deserts,
He made trees, grass,
and flowers of every color.

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of Creation story for toddlers.

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