Baby in the Mirror

    Every night right after bath time,
    Mommy dries and dresses me.
    Then she holds me to the mirror,
    Let me tell you what I see.

    There is a pretty little baby,
    All combed and dressed and squeaky clean,
    Staring back at me and mommy.
    Is this baby what she seems?

    I raise my hand to wave at baby.
    I smile and laugh and stomp my feet.
    The little baby seems so happy,
    For the two of us to meet.

    Then the baby laughs at Mommy,
    Mommy smiles and looks so pleased.
    Who is this baby Mommy’s holding,
    When my Mommy’s holding me?

    Who is this baby in the mirror?
    Who is this baby that I see?
    Who is this baby Mommy’s holding?
    Oh!! That little baby’s me!!

    - Patty Walker







(C) Patty Walker - Publishing Rights - Just 4 Kids