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Crafts by Kathy Ross

We checked out this book from the library and it is wonderful for ideas for Christian Crafts. The book is called: The Big Book of Christian Crafts by Kathy Ross. This is a big book of great activities for kids and worth having in your own library. Members can Click here to view some of her crafts from the book.

When the Beginning Began

By Julius Lester
Subtitled Stories about God, the Creatures, and Us, this is an unusual and inventive, beautifully illustrated collection of Jewish tales interpreting the creation story. Lester uses his imagination in exploring the meaning of biblical texts, employing humor and what he considers a "loving irreverence" in his tone. The tradition of the midrash permits him to put a special spin on the stories in order to divine their meaning. In stories such as "Sun and Moon," "The Angel of Death," "God Makes People," "God Creates Adam," and others, Lester attempts to make the sacred come alive; readers will never view the stories of the creation in the same light again after this collection.

from Kirkus Reviews

Why the Snake Crawls on Its Belly

By Eric A. Kimmel
  • What happened to the snake's legs?
  • Why does the snake have a forked tongue?
  • Why doesn't the snake have any eyelids?
  • Why does the snake shed his skin?

Eric Kimmel, winner of the Caldecott and Children's Choice awards - and this year's National Jewish Book Awards Finalist - has created a truly wonderful, believable answer to all these questions, based on an ancient Midrash.

Description from Publisher

Becoming Me :
A Story of Creation

By Martin Boroson
"Once upon a time. . . I was."

Told in the personal "voice" of the Creator, here is a story about creation and relationship that is about each one of us. It is sure to delight children and adults of all faiths, all backgrounds.

In simple words and with radiant illustrations, the Creator tells an intimate story of creation, about love, about friendship and playing, about our world--and about becoming ourselves. And with each turn of the page, we're reminded that we just might be closer to our Creator than we think!

Description from Publisher

Against canvases of large, dramatic brush strokes--the first in shades of brilliant blue, the next in splashes of yellow and orange--the words "Once upon a time I was" begin this original and affecting book. In a tone of childlike innocence, the narrative voice embarks on a description of the creative urge: "I played by myself for ages. Then I started to get lonely. I wanted someone else to play with, someone who wasn't ME." Along with this desire comes the ability to transform into a multitude of different creations: "I can become all kinds of things that grow and swim and crawl and fly and run. One day I became YOU." Above these words appear snapshot-size paintings of a tree, a school of fish, insects, birds and mammals, respectively, followed by a full-page dawn-colored image of an unborn child surrounded as if by halos. "In time you forget all about me," the narrative continues, while the illustration shows a solitary figure turned away from a glowing tree, but "Every so often, you wonder who you are." Gilvan-Cartwright's striking abstract paintings evoke the power and simplicity of children's art, while at the same time barring any coyness in the storytelling by dint of their sophistication. The visual rhythms created by the skillful book design further accentuate the impact of the text. Gentle yet thought-provoking, this will offer readers another way to contemplate the nature of the divine.

Description from Publishers Weekly

In Our Image :
God's First Creatures

By Nancy Sohn Swartz
Students of the Bible have long pondered who, exactly, God meant when in Genesis he used the plural in speaking about humankind in "our" image. Swartz answers that question in a unique way. God was speaking to "ALL," including the animals, that he had created. Then, each of the animals comes up with one quality that it wants the humans to have: bravery, from the tiger; gentleness, from the lamb; speed, from the cheetah; slowness, from the snail; and so on. In the end, humans receive all their qualities from what has come before them, thus making them a true part of the larger natural world. The text is readily accessible to preschoolers, who will enjoy hearing all the animals declare and offer their special qualities; children will also instinctively receive Swartz's message about the world's interconnectedness. Extending and elaborating on the text are Hall's pictures, which are particularly nice. Inventive watercolors, dappled with sunlight and cloistered by moonlight, capture the feeling of life that is the essence of the story. One interesting note: When, near the book's conclusion, God says humankind will have dominion over the animals, the creatures are afraid. God assures them that "woman and man shall be partners with me to care for you and all the world." Even preschoolers can join in a stimulating discussion about whether humankind has lived up to its obligation.

Description from Booklist

In the Beginning

By Miriam Ramsfelder Levin
In this adaptation of the creation story, Adam awakes, surveys his room and the larger world, decides that all is good, and then proceeds to deal with his loneliness.

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A young boy wakes to a messy, dark room and begins to clean it. As he puts everything in order, his experience parallels the Creation Story in the Bible. He turns on the light, tends to his plants, bird, and fish. Each page is a part of the Genesis story, until at the end he climbs into his parents' bed to rest. As an educator, I find this book helpful in introducing very young children to the Creation Story in a very concrete manner, emphasizing the order of each event.

From Amazon.com customer review

Beginning of the World
(Board Book)

By Neva Goldstein-Alpern
The story of Creation is retold beautifully in The Beginning of the World, a Judaica Press Tiny Tanakh book. These stories, recounted in simple, rhythmic words and illustrated with dramatic pictures are a wonderful way to teach Torah to your toddler.

Description from Publisher

Adam and Eve

By Mary A. Quattlebaum
Delightfully illustrated, beautifully written accounts of the Bible's most popular and pivotal stories. Written for today's children. Retells the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, who lived happily in a beautiful garden until they disobeyed God.

Description from Publisher

Of Rabbit's Wool & Camel's Hair

By Ted Williams Gross
Lavishly illustrated and based on midrashim, this charming book presents an imaginative telling of the story of Creation and life among the inhabitants of the Garden.

Description from Publisher

Creation: God's Wonderful Gift

By Janis Hansen
In the beginning there was nothing to see, but in six short days G-d brought the world to be. Day and night, oceans and land--it was all created by His great hand. This package includes an illustrated storybook, interactive CD-ROM, dramatized audio cassette and fun activity book that all work together to communicate one of the Bible's most exciting stories to children.

Description from Publisher

The End of War

By Irmela Wendt
War was born of the conflict between Cain and Abel; and only their reconciliation can end it. Cain has become the embodiment of war in the centuries since slaying his brother. Now repentant, he must travel back in time to gain Abel's forgiveness and bring peace to the world.

Description from Publisher

The Story of the Garden of Eden

By Patricia A. Pingry
This book uses Bible-based text combined with vivid full-color illustrations to explain G-d's creation of the Earth and all of its creatures, including Adam and Eve. The natural richness and beauty of life in the Garden are clearly conveyed by both the text and the detailed illustrations.

Description from Publisher

And God Created Squash :
How the World Began

By Martha Whitmore Hickman
Genesis is the firm foundation of this text, but its superstructure is a fresh, lively, conversational retelling of creation. In an inspired opening, God makes the universe in a "big breath," and then says, "So far, so good!" Light is His answer to "something to go with the darkness," and plants happen when he puts his ear to the Earth and thinks, "I'd like to hear something growing." When he comes up with the name "squash," he likes it so much that he uses it again--and again. Finally, he wishes for "some company." The answer is "People! Men and women and boys and girls and small babies for the boys and girls to hold and sing to and help take care of ...." When people in their diverse multitudes appear, he asks them to love the world, and to speak to him: "I'll be around. You may not see me. But ... think of me. I'll be thinking of you." Not cute, sentimental, or syrupy, this approach is genuine and spiritual and accessible. The stylized, decorative watercolor and colored-pencil illustrations are soft edged and gentle. That they are not so freshly imaged as the text, however, can be seen in the characterization of God: a benign old white male with a long fuzzy beard, he is cute and, alas, conventional.

Description from School Library Journal

Cain and Abel :
Finding the Fruits of Peace

By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
A spiritual conversation-starter for adults and children to read together. "A very long time ago, when the world was new...two children walked in God's garden called Earth. One was named Cain, the other, Abel. They were the first children. The first brothers." We know the story well. But what can it mean for us and for our children today? Award-winning author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso recasts the biblical tale of Cain and Abel in a way that invites adults and kids to a conversation about anger and our power to deal with it in positive ways.

Cain and Abel were born into God's garden called Earth, a world of bright days for working in their fields and peaceful nights to share the stories of their dreams. The first children, the first brothers, they were so much alike yet so different: Cain a shepherd, Abel a farmer.

They lived side by side, surrounded by trees where wonderful, exotic fruits of many kinds grew: everywhere orapples, rasdew, and banangerines ripened all on a single branch. The air was sweet with the smell of pinango, limeberry, and waterloupe.

But jealousy, anger, and fear took all this away. Cain and Abel's happiness came to an end, and with it, the trees' ability to grow these special fruits.

In a world often hurt by violence, this retold biblical story gives children and adults a starting point for discussing anger and its effects on those around us. By harnessing the power we have to deal with our emotions in positive ways, we can once again cultivate the fruits of peace and change the world for the better.

Description from Publisher

My Adam and Eve Book of Opposites

By Glenda Palmer
See the sky up above and the earth down below. Find the little mice and big elephant. Children will delight in exploring God's creation with My Adam and Eve Book of Opposites.

Description from Publisher


By Paul Kent & Ron Wheeler
Meet Eve, the very first woman. She made a big mistake when she ate the forbidden fruit, but God still blessed her as "the mother of all living."

Description from Publisher

The First Brothers

By Joan E. Curren

Bible Friends Plus Book:
Adam and Eve
This cuddly gorilla friend introduces Bible favorites to young children. The stories of Adam and Eve, will come alive to toddlers and young children with the help of these friendly plush Bible Friends.

Description from Publisher

Adam and Eve

By Catherine Storr
Retells the story of Adam and Eve's temptation in the Garden of Eden and their subsequent departure.

Description from Publisher

Creation Story

By Norman Messenger
The Creation Story vividly brings to life the favorite Bible story taken from Genesis. Readers of all ages will marvel at the wonders of God's intricate creation. And it's an ideal book for parents and children to read aloud together too! This beautiful picture book of the seven days of creation celebrates the origins of our abundant planet. Combining amazingly detailed illustrations with the contemporary, easy-to-understand words of the New Living Translation, The Creation Story vividly brings to life the favorite Bible story taken from Genesis. Readers of all ages will marvel at the wonders of God's intricate creation. And it's an ideal book for parents and children to read aloud together too!

Description from Publisher

Adam and the Apple Turnover

By Mike Thaler
The five stories in Adam and the Apple Turnover help your child understand the importance of obedience. Through the lives of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, and Lot, your child will learn that every decision has good or bad consequences, and choosing to obey God is always the best choice.

Description from Publisher

Let's Play: In the Beginning

By Leon Baxter
This retelling of the popular Bible story of how the world was made is ideal for reading aloud. Then your child can act it out with friends, imagining what it might have been like when the world was new.

Description from Publisher

When the World Was New

By Linda J. Sattgast
Children love to know where things come from and how they were made. Now you can help your son or daughter learn all about the beginning of the world with the joyful creation story "When the World Was New".

Description from Publisher

Someone to Love :
The Story of Creation By Marilyn Lashbrook

Adam and Eve
Color and Activity Book

Light : The First Seven Days by Sarah and Neil Waldman
The illustrator's daughter, 13, stays close to the text as it appears in Genesis, varying repetitions a bit (``It was all very good'') and ad-libbing some embellishments (``the softer light of the moon would shine through the nights, with the help of twinkling stars''); she also adds a ``Storyteller's Note'' on the creation story as a reminder ``to take care of our beautiful planet.'' The text, white on black in an elegant face, makes a stylish foil for art in luminous stained-glass hues, artfully composed of mosaic-like passages of dabs of color, larger areas in solid tones, decorative grace notes, and stylized figures- -e.g., an extraordinary portrait of Adam and Eve, where Waldman's freewheelingly unrealistic use of brilliant color is particularly striking. (But should Adam have an Adam's apple before the Fall?) A joyous use of contemporary graphics to retell the first story.

Description from Kirkus Reviews

Celebrated illustrator Waldman (creator of the stylish covers of several Gary Paulsen novels in addition to his own interpretation of The Highwayman ) teams up with his teenage daughter for this straightforward retelling of the Creation story from Genesis. The text, which retains familiar biblical cadences, is set in large white type, contrasting boldly with the succession of blue-black pages. Likewise, the bright bands of color decorating the letters of the title on the jacket seem ready to burst out of the darkness that contains them. Waldman's vibrant acrylics achieve a mosaic effect with daubs of green, blue and purple in various hues. Streaks of pink and orange are incorporated into the art as the text progresses; similarly, the margins framing the art lighten from black to a serene blue-gray. Waldman depicts the first day as a swirl of primarily dark brush strokes against a pitch-black background, while the seventh day features a full-color landscape populated by all forms of life. An afterword informs readers that ``although there are differences, Judaism, Christianity and Islam share the underlying concept of this creation story.'' The carefully crafted design elements effectively underscore the significance of the event portrayed.

Description from Publishers Weekly

G-d's Amazing Creation

By Kay Arthur

The Creation Story

By Brenda C. Ward
A simple retelling of the story of how God created the world. Using wonderful four-color photography to tell the story of the creation, this sturdy board book features costumed babies to appeal to toddlers.

Description from Publisher

The Creation :
A Pop-Up Book

By Brian Wildsmith
Five interactive 3-D spreads depict the creation story from the Book of Genesis. Man and woman, plants and trees, the creatures of the sea and air, and all God's handiwork fill this book.

Description from Publisher

B'reishit: In the Beginning

By Alison Greengard
Beautifully illustrated with full color reproductions of silk paintings, In the Beginning is the first in a series of illustrated Bible stories. Written in both Hebrew and English, this book is a lovely way to introduce children to the simplicity and beauty of the first story in Genesis. Includes a word-for-word translation.

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