"The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat it's fruit.
Proverbs 18:21

It is very important to speak powerful words over ourselves, and if you are a parent, over your children.

Proclaim blessings over yourself, and your children. Find out what your name means and every day claim the victory of your name. If you are a parent do the same for your children. Place your hands on them every night and speak blessings over them.

God wants us to Bless our children.

Our Children

Jamie Michelle -

You bring joy into our lives for you have replaced sadness with Joy. Everyone who knows you will see the light of Jesus that shines from within you, for you resemble God.

Jonathan Christian -
You are a gift from God that blesses our family and everyone that knows you. You are a witness for Christ, and you will continue to bring others into a deeper relationship with Christ all the days of your life.

Jennifer Azalea -
You are a blessing from God. A Pure and delightful young lady. God has spared your life, for He has chosen you to do great and might things for Him.

Jason Cole -

You are touched with the healing power of God. You are a leader of your people, you shall be Victorious and mighty for the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Bradley Jason-Byron -

From the broad meadow you shall proclaim God's healing throughout the land like a mighty bear with the power of Jesus Christ.

Robert Francis -

You will shine with fame by the light of Jesus from within you. Your life proclaims Freedom with Jesus Christ.

Christina Marie -

You are a mighty witness for Christ. You glow of Love for you are a wished for child of God's and ours.

Jeffrey Craig -

You are God's heavenly Peace. It is evident that God lives in you, and you bring His peace to everyone who is around you. You rest upon the Crag waiting for God to leap you forth like an Eagle in victorious flight.

William Lewis -

You are a leader for God, the first born of many. You are a Determined Protector and a Famous Warrior. God's hand is upon you mightily.

Jennifer Diane -
You are a pure and bright woman.
A Devine lady from God.

Our Grandchildren

Tyler Arthur -
You will help build the Lord's house until He comes.
You are a strong and Noble young man.

Jasmine Marie -
You are a delightful flower a wished for child.
You are a joy to everyone.

Jaymen Marcus -
You are a young man quick and Sharp
You shall be a Defender of Jesus Christ.

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