Once there were two girls walking
along the road by the ocean.

One girl was from a wealthy family
and the other was a poor girl
who had many brothers and sisters.
Her mother worked 2 jobs just to pay the bills.
Her father had died when she was younger.

The rich girl pointed to the large mansion
along the side of the ocean.
"See that mansion over there" she asked.
"That belongs to my father."

A short while later the rich girl pointed
to a large yacht out in the ocean,
and she bragged "See that yacht?"
"That yacht belongs to my father."

The girls walked along the road further
and an airplaine flew over their heads.
The rich girl pointed up to the sky,
"See that airplane?"
"That airplane belongs to my father."

Finally the poor girl replied,
"Do you see all that land
around your Father's mansion?"
"That belongs to my Daddy!"
"Do you see that huge ocean
around your father's little boat?"
"That belongs to my Daddy!"
"And do you see that great big sky
around your father's little airplane?"
"That big sky belongs to my Daddy!"

When you realize that God in Heaven is your Father,
Everything looks more beautiful!!


Midi is provided with permission by sequencer and performer Yuko Ohigashi.  You are welcome to visit her wonderful site by clicking on her banner.  There she has CDs for sale, midis and MP3s!  This midi is entitled
"For The Children Of The World" and is an original composition.



Dynamic Drive Provided the code for star curser